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Dental implant restoration is an outstanding way to replace one or more missing teeth. The treatment is also an area of specialty for Vahe Boghossian, DMD, and Avedis Boghossian, DDS, of Boghossian Dental in Glendale, California. If you have questions about what dental implant restoration can do for your smile, schedule a visit online today. You’re also welcome to call the office to check appointment availability.

Dental Implant Restoration Q&A

What is dental implant restoration?

Dental implant restoration, also called dental implants, is a process that replaces one or more lost teeth with artificial teeth secured to an implanted post. These treatments are a great way to restore your smile permanently. 

Once in place, dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth, except they are not at risk of decay. You can have a dental implant to replace one missing tooth, or there are options that can replace an entire span of upper or lower teeth. 

Single dental implants consist of a post, which acts as an artificial tooth root, a crown that is the visible portion of the implant, and an abutment that connects the post and crown. 

What is the process for dental implant restoration?

The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that implants are right for you. That involves a dental exam, digital imaging, and a discussion of your treatment goals. 

If you and your dental team decide that an implant is the right approach for your needs, your dentist begins by creating an incision in your gum tissue to gain access to the underlying bone. A small pilot hole is drilled to guide placement for the post portion of the implant.  

Once the post is in place, your dentist closes the gum tissue and a period of healing begins. It takes several months for your bone tissue to fuse with the post material. 

Once your healing is complete, you’ll return to have the crown attached to the post using a small abutment piece. That completes the restoration, and you’ll walk out with a smile you’ll love sharing with the world. 

Am I a good candidate for dental implant restoration?

Most people are great candidates for dental implants. However, this treatment requires a healthy volume of bone tissue to create a secure foundation for the implant. 

If you don’t have enough bone tissue to secure an implant, you might be able to have bone grafting to build up the bone. The process extends the dental implant restoration timeline, but it can make implants possible for even more people. 

When you’re ready to learn more, call the office to set up a visit. Online booking is also an option and takes only a few moments to complete.